Disruptive innovations for CSPs, Cities and SIs 

Our software and technology innovations create competitive differentiation and market advantages.

IPgallery develops, integrates and delivers lifesaving Resilient, Safe and Smart City Value Added Services and Applications for Cities, States and Governments.

IPgallery is a software company specializing in development and deployment of Time Sensitive IoE based solutions, leveraging NB-IoT / 5G network, Distributed Could, Mobile Edge Computing resources, Industry Standards, AI, Deep Learning and Blockchain technologies, to provide Cities/States with an Interactive Dashboard and Value Add Services:

Public Safety: Air/Water Quality, Gunshot, Suspicious Parcel, Floods, more…

Transport: Smart Public transportation, Parking, Traffic Management, Pedestrian Safety, and Connected cars (Manned/Autonomous)

♦ Environment: Air/Water Quality, Temperature, Humidity

♦ Citizen Engagement: Citizen Reporting application (311, 511) 

Together with our global tier-1 ecosystem partners, IPgallery delivers holistic end-to-end, yet modular, solutions that are highly-available, scalable, efficient and allow Big Data monetization and new business models growth.

 Industry standards compliancy allows smooth integration with IoT networks and OSS/BSS systems, and enables to rapidly rollout new services and generate new revenue streams from Smart, Safe and Resilient Cities and States Value Add Services and Applications.