IPgallery is one of the fastest growing AI/ML IoT value added services software companies in the world, aiming to inspire, engage and produce value across the entire ecosystem. Through cutting-edge IoT value added services’ engine and logic with processing at the “edge”, IPgallery’s solution employs a unique architecture combining emerging new technologies such as citybots, AI, mapping technologies, mission-critical logic systems, social media, data intelligence, big data analytics, predictive technologies, new cloud topology, various devices, gateways, wearable and environmental sensors, smart street poles, video surveillance, digital signage and mobile voice, chat/IM and video converged communications capabilities.

The company leverages existing and emerging new technologies in order to address the challenges of the next generation smart city vision, helping cities meet daily, expected/unexpected and emergency situation undertakings by allowing all involved citizens, authorities and agencies to perform resourcefully, interactively and efficiently, alongside unmatched constituents user experience.

IPgallery’s holistic solutions is combined of in-house developed and 3rd party applications applications as well as the back-end platform support to enable the to rapidly launch any IoT-based value added service.

IPgallery allows to easily monetize by turning apps into value-added revenue generating services while our App Manager handles efficiently the entire Ecosystem.


In the nutshell Company History

  • Founded in 2000
  • Comply to Telco standards
  • Private USA corporation 2000 with R&D subsidiary in Israel
  • Comply to Telco standards
  • Tech Ecosystem (thru M&A and 3rd party products)
  • Commercial deployments worldwide