Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 3.34.21 PMIndustry experts estimate that every car will be connected in soe way by 2025, and the market for connected vehicle technology will reach $54 billion by 2017.
IPgallery’s Connected Cars in an Intelligent Urban Environment leverages city info for enhanced ADAS and out of sight info for connected and autonomous cars.

The citywide street-level data allows IPgallery to deliver the real-time city, traffic, parking and pedestrian info allowing to increase driver, passengers and pedestrian safety, save on fuel and reduce pollution.

IPgallery Automotive solution includes the following components:

V2I Vehicle to Information:

  • Real time servers architecture
  • Gather information from various locations
  • Communicate with vehicle and drivers


  • Initially on derivers phone
  • Connects to vehicle
  • Communicates to MEC

Monetization Services & Applications:

  • Location Based Services
  • Rental companies
  • Fleet Management
  • Insurance Companies
  • Vehicle payments for Parking, Toll Roads and more..


For businesses that rely on transportation, efficiency is a top priority, hence their increasing reliance on IoT. IPgallery makes it easy to integrate street info, weather info, V2V group build criteria, and location maps directly to a driver’s UI. IoT also makes fleet management simpler and smarter with vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

IPgallery’s location-based group chat, voice and video make for a highly connected and integrated automotive and smart transportation services.