Industry experts estimate that every car will be connected in some way by 2025, and the market for connected vehicle technology will reach $54 billion by 2017.

IPgallery’s Connected Car in an urban environment  leverages city info for enhanced ADAS and out of sight info for autonomous cars.

IPgallery Automotive solution includes the following components:

V2I Vehicle to Information:

  • Real time servers architecture
  • Gather information from various locations
  • Communicate with vehicle and drivers


  • Initially on derivers phone
  • Connects to vehicle
  • Communicates to MEC

Services & Applications:

  • Location Based Services
  • Rental companies, Fleet Management, Insurance Companies


For businesses that rely on transportation, efficiency is a top priority, hence their increasing reliance on IoT. IPgallery makes it easy to integrate street info, weather info, V2V group build criteria, and location maps directly to a driver’s UI. IoT also makes fleet management simpler and smarter with vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

IPgallery’s location-based group chat, voice and video make for a highly connected and integrated automotive and smart transportation services.