Bi-directional Citizen Engagement – is a Game Changer for Safe and Smart City solutions.

Benefits Business value:

§ Reduced operational costs i.e. savings on citizen care center manpower and system maintenance

§ The city to “own” the Big Data, allows for create new value, advanced real-time analytics, predictions and data monetization § Data-driven decisions based on valuable data comprehending citizen concerns, needs, satisfaction and sentiment scores

§ Providing with location based trends, predictions and data for daily operations, urban planning and development

§ Supports data privacy, security and retention

Social value:

§ Enhance engagement via social networks, surveys, 311, CityApp and more

§ Enhancing Citizen – City Stakeholders intimacy

§ Allows social group chats for different populations such as Elderly, Mothers of toddlers, Student etc.

§ CityApp offers an enriched user experience and one point of access to all city departments, applications and services § Maintain individual privacy while conveying the community desirability and concerns

Human empowerment:

§  Enabling citizens with the tools and framework to socially participate, opportunity create, problem-solve, and interact with city stakeholders, so their voices are heard and taken into consideration while implementing city decisions affecting the citizens wellbeing and day-to-day life.

§  Maintaining citizen privacy (GDPR)

§  Empowering social city groups, enhancing the sense of belonging and wellbeing



To enhance citizen engagement, bi-directional complain, report, and chat, voice and video-push notifications via secured communications are leveraged most effectively to achieve smarter, safer and happier societies.

The main solution components include:

  1. City Control Center- Holistic view and control dashboard.
  2. One City App – Multiple Services & Citizen Applications.
  3. Citybot x11 services
  4. Citybot chat-based sentiment analysis


The offered services address various vertical for example these main verticals:

  1. Air & Water Quality
  2. Traffic Management
  3. Public Transportation
  4. Public Safety / HLS
  5. Citizen Engagement
  6. Social Communications
  7. Pedestrian Safety
  8. Parking
  9. Street Lights
  10. Digital Signage
  11. Flood Monitoring
  12. Smart Communities


Key advantages, include:

  1. Enhancing the intimacy between the city (its stakeholders) and the constituents.
  2. Feature-rich services improving quality of living, wellbeing and longevity.
  3. One App – Multiple Services; with one personalized and converged city application, provided by the city and city branded, it provides citizens with numerous supported services.