We partner with Cities to deliver an integrated strategy based Smart City implementation at scale


We provide cities with artificial intelligence based City Services & Citizen Centric Applications to enable the Day2Day as well as during situations efficient and effective operation. Each of the services and applications is tailored to city’s requirements and priorities as defined by Mayor and Stakeholders.

Our offering is modular and inclusive (yet not limited) of the following di-silo Mix & Match applications and services:

Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Waste management
  • Street lighting
  • Energy
  • Water


  • Public / private transportation
  • Traffic load management
  • Parking management 
  • Park & ride
  • Connected cars 

Public Safety

  • Gunshot detection
  • Environment 
  • Emergency situation handling

Citizen Engagement

  • 311
  • Sentiment analysis


  • Climate: floods, heatwave
  • Pollution: air / water quality

Our modular supported functionality is a seamless integrative implementation at scale of the following:

City Services and Citizens Application

  • Main City’s Operation Center and Day2Day City Services
  • Multiple services Citizen Application
  • Driver Application

Near Real Time Predictions and Anomaly Detection

  • Short term Predictions
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance

Reporting and Long Term Planning

  • Near realtime reports
  • History reports
  • Any Visualization on Any Data