IPgallery’s mHealthcare solution is combined of an open intuitive communication service delivery platform that allows for the delivery of various efficient, safe, user-friendly and intuitive mHealthcare services that meet the public health needs. IPgallery empowers the healthcare providers to provide improved remote healthcare services enables to provide a personalized and efficient healthcare consumer experience while significantly reducing hospitalization expenses, number of visits to healthcare clinics and the overall health industry costs.

IPgallery mHealthcare solution brings together the communication industry and the healthcare participants in order to meet the healthcare industry need of a practical mHealthcare solution that enriches and improves mobile healthcare services while reducing overall costs.

IPgallery utilizes mobile computing, medical machines, devices and sensors, and communications technologies for the delivery of mHealthcare solutions for the healthcare stakeholders such as Clinical Practitioner, Healthcare Consumers, Healthcare Providers and Hospitals.

IPgallery’s centralized platform gathers, analyzes and blends real-time information from sensors, devices and medical machines with patient data to provide accurate personalized healthcare notifications, recommendations, ad-hoc advise and enhanced services. On top of the platform, IPgallery providers Rich Communication services that support voice, messaging, chat and video calls, as well as file sharing communication and video streaming between healthcare provider and healthcare consumer, between the different healthcare providers of same patient, etc.

Few industries have embraced the Internet of Everything more than healthcare. Remote patient monitoring, secure messaging, voice and video between patients and providers, and wearable sensors are just a few of many ways it’s currently being leveraged.

With so many devices and networks connecting to patients, doctors, providers, ambulance drivers, and other healthcare professionals – carriers have a lot of data they need to share quickly and reliably.

IPgallery assists in the setup and processing of these different systems and allows for processing large data quantities in the cloud.  IPgallery has partnered with local healthcare professionals to deploy the optimal remote mHealthcare ecosystem in each country including Hospitals, clinics, government and Insurance companies.