IPgallery is the future cities – Smart City Partner.


Starting with an integrated strategy we help cities to become smarter in three main aspects:

Smart City

Smart Municipality

Smart Community


Specifically, IPgallery enables cities to:

  1. better serve their residents and visitors in day-to-day routines and during situations,
  2. improve the quality of life of their citizens,
  3. increase citizen engagement,
  4. automate business processes,
  5. improve efficiencies, and
  6. monetize on their Data.

IPgallery is a software house specializing in the commercialization of time sensitive IoT, AI/ML and distributed cloud solutions that offer value add cross vertical applications.

Together with global tier-1 ecosystem partners, IPgallery delivers holistic end-to-end, yet modular, solutions that are highly-available and scalable, increase overall efficiency and allow Big Data monetization and new business models growth.