gunRegardless of the aspirations and motivations to be smarter, resilient, more sustainable, eco-friendly or livable, societies first need to be safe. Without combating-terrorism, homeland-security (HLS) and public safety as the foundation, any society will be greatly challenged to thrive.

IPgallery’s Public Safety solution utilizes the most advanced technologies within law enforcement, emergency management and public safety adding capabilities and functionalities to existing 911 enabling officials to detect and locate public safety, terrorism and HLS related events while providing with the means to handle situations in the fastest, most efficient way and with fewest casualties and damages.

Our solution offers enhanced situation detection, evaluation and monitoring, event awareness and severity analysis, as well as event handling execution and management of the entire security process. Within the information flowing between citizens, responders, and agencies is the intelligence that builds a safer society. The solution combines emerging new technologies such as mapping technologies, mission-critical logic systems, social media, big data analytics, new cloud topology, as well as smart street poles with cameras, environmental sensors, video surveillance, digital signage, and mobile communications capabilities. Taking the Department of Defense C4I term which stands for “Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence” to the next level into the public safety domain. The solution allows for diverse data collection and seamless communication, making the solution an end-to-end multi-dimensional mission-critical public safety platform.




IPgallery’s Public Safety service enables the following:

  • Get public safety alerts/info from citizens via IM/chat
  • Gather info from sensors and detectors e.g. gunshot detection, emergency push buttons
  • Activate local cameras
  • Discover event location, type, severity
  • Manage actions to be taken
  • Handle emergency situation
  • Operate rescue procedures
  • Share information with citizens & other agencies
  • Provide citizens/visitors with the closets shelter location
  • Provide citizens/visitors with info e.g. closest police station
  • Alert about crime related restricted areas