Our Resilient City solution is a unique cloud-based holistic system including planning tools, applications and CityBot based services to handle any emergency, expected and unexpected event (heat wave, snow storm, polluted air quality, bomb, gun shot, flooding etc.) and get city back to normality in the highest efficiency via centralized control room event handling mechanisms, digital signage, smart street lights and devices, as well as notifications to citizens app and other agencies.

The system provides a Citizen Centric lifesaving solution. From detection, thru analysis and situation handling, the system supports voice and text interaction via CityBots, machine learning & AI. It is comined of the following five main components:

  1. Palning tool
  2. City operator dashboard
  3. Citizen’s CityApp – Multiple Services One App
  4. Automatic workflow
  5. Ad-hoc communication systems between city departments and other agencies