There is no one definition for a Safe Smart City… it depends… “Smartness” comes from data aggregation and information management. Safe Smart cities are based on the principle of data and information exchange between devices, sensors, citizens, social networks, city data, public open data sources and city sectors.

Addressing the city’s challenges with planning tools, CityApp, and services allowing to handle any emergency event effectively and bring city back to normality efficiently. Utilizing centralized control room, event handling and AI mechanisms, digital signage, smart street lights and devices, as well as bi-directional citizen engagement and communication with city stakeholders and other agencies.

A Safe Smart City is an organism that develops based on the most advanced technologies, including yet not limited to: Internet of Everything, IoT, Cloud, Microprocessors and Blockchain.

  • Holistic open approach
  • Collaboration across domains
  • Focus on Resiliency, Sustainability and Efficiency
  • Technology interoperability
  • Use of data from different sources
  • Information analysis and reporting, predictive analysis, machine learning