Our mission is to facilitate end-to-end safe and smart city commercial offerings in the emerging market of IoT. With secured, highly available and scalable products our IoT value added services will encounter the 21st century new challenges, and help cities and CSPs to scale up quickly into successful new IoT business opportunities.

In addition to a city’s aspirations and motivations to be smarter, resilient, more sustainable, eco-friendly or livable, IPgallery safe and Smart City solutions enable cities first to be safe. IPgallery offers customers end-to-end innovative solutions that promotes security, connectivity, manageability and scalability.

IPgallery, a leading global provider of safe and smart city solutions, converged communication and IoT services worldwide, aims to drive innovative end-to-end safe and smart city solutions further empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) vision globally. In collaboration with Ecosystem partners the companies offer complementary solution components that enable the fast deployment of IoT solutions that offer cities and governments value added services guaranteeing the wellness and safety of their citizens and visitors, enhance overall operations efficiency, and allow to scale up CSP revenues on a global basis.

Cities are already leveraging the IoT for smart metering, utilities and traffic systems, and other apps, but the potential is far greater.

IPgallery is at the forefront of advancing disruptive technologies, granting high availability, high performance, security and scalability, bringing creative solutions to the IoT marketplace, utilizing citybots and AI, in areas such as smart cities, public safety, home land security, secured buildings and homes, healthcare, transportation, and automotive.

IPgallery helps communication service providers, cities and enterprises to move forward rapidly with the implementation of end-to-end deployments and drive sales to a global market, running proof of concepts (PoC) with our ecosystem business partners and worldwide customers. This exciting collaboration gives us a leading-edge using the most advanced technological resources, secured real-time domain expertise and market reach.

With IPgallery, carriers can address the future concerns of data volume, application development and solution deployments today.

IPgallery’s Citybot, location-based group chat, voice and video contribute to make a better Citizen Engagement socially connected and integrated network between constituents and the city’s services, empowering the city with a closer relationship with those living and visiting there.