IPgallery offers Secured Connected Home, Building and Enterprise solutions, that enable:

  • Remote monitoring via camera and devices/sensors
  • Handle alarms from detectors and sensors such as : door opened, smoke alarm, intruders etc.
  • Send commands to devices and instructions to user
  • View real-time status via camera
  • Activate/de-activate devices
  • Tune lights intensity
  • Integration with security company main screen and in building concierge main screens, as well as mangers and home owners through mobile devices
  • Direct reporting to emergency forces in case of emergency situation


Wearable technology, connected cars, smart homes and other connected devices – with varied applications and integrations— all present their own unique development challenges. For carriers and developers seeking to capitalize on this growing trend, IPgallery makes it easy to connect applications and devices through exposed APIs and to interface with OSS/BSS.

With enhanced connectivity and integration tools, IPgallery offers the ability to run Secured Connected Home services seamlessly over new network topology, IMS or the service provider’s OTT extending messaging, voice and video services.