Software Development & Integration House

IPgallery is a true PPP Can-do Smart City and Urban Mobility Partner.

We aim at making the world a Better, Safer and Smarter Place to Live, Work and Play in. One City at a Time.

We specialize in the design, architecture, development, implementation and deployment of mission-critical and time-critical Real-time IoT AI/ML Data-driven Smart City and Urban Mobility solutions, along with Professional Services and expertise in Data Science, Edge Compute and 4G/5G.

Company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs each with over 35 years of highly successful business management and engineering experience in leading software development and system integration of large complex systems worldwide: Mr. Avihai Degani, Co-founder and CEO, and Ms. Michelle Specktor, Co-founder and EVP Business Development.

Solutions support Data Privacy and Protection (GDPR-ready) through the full life cycle of data which allows IPgallery to provide robust Big Data analytics, predictions and reporting tools essential for Urban Planning and future urbanism developments.

IPgallery provides tailored integrative IoT and AI/ML based solutions that allow Cities, Municipalities, Telcos and Mobility Service Providers to better serve by means of enhanced safety, improved day-to-day and during emergency efficiencies,realtime predictive insights from IoT / data sources, new revenue streams and digital transformation.

Together with global tier-1 ecosystem partners, IPgallery delivers holistic end-to-end, yet modular, solutions that are highly-available and scalable, increase overall efficiencies, allow Data monetization, and new business models growth.