Public Safety and Health Crisis Management

“A delay in response of a day or a week may mean thousands of people harmed and may have a huge impact for the ability of your city to bounce back,” former President Barack Obama said at a digital meeting of mayors from across the globe Thursday April 9th, 2020.

As global Smart City landscapes face disruptions during crises, we provide essential support for cities and states to act proactively. Our real-time management tools and automated emergency plan execution help address the crisis, mitigate its impact, and preserve community well-being with minimal environmental, societal, and economic impact.

IPgallery’s Crisis Management Center, driven by data analytics and insights, equips stakeholders, mayors, city managers, and operators with proactive tools for managing crisis situations. This includes trend prediction, automated workflow activation, and emergency plan execution.

Our solution builds on the foundation of real-time AI-based Smart City and Urban Mobility deployments. It empowers local governments to respond effectively in ways that were previously unattainable, meeting the diverse needs of urban communities with cutting-edge technology for crisis management.

When global Smart City landscapes face disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we were committed to aiding cities and states in proactive response. Our real-time management tools and automated emergency plan execution are invaluable in containing the virus, reducing casualties, and maintaining public health and urban life with minimal socio-economic impact.

In support of community well-being, we have made our technology available for free, allowing immediate deployment at scale. Our mission is to promote good health, not germs

“The more I analyze the Corona epidemic , the more I realize that Smart Cities as we knew of, are of less relevance, and all need to adjust to deal with the smart city in the COVID-19 era. Leave aside the medical stuff that will be handled by states and federal governments, all the rest will be managed by Mayors. The nature of the virus behavior and its impact on all aspects of our lives e.g. employment, schools etc. will result in a new skill set and Mayor’s responsibilities. Secondary impacts are on transport, vulnerable communities, air-quality and more. Yet, the major challenge is the need to respond in no time. As such , REAL-TIME mechanisms and analytics based solutions become crucial. We at IPgallery are putting all our services in this context adding more capabilities to our Public Health domain and Resiliency. We are here to help!”.

Avihai Degani, CEO \ February 2020