The New CityWhole

We partner with Cities to deliver an integrated holistic smart city strategy implementations at scale.

We provide cities with artificial intelligence (AI) based City Services & Citizen Centric Applications to enable the Day2Day as well as during situations efficient and effective operations. Solutions are tailored to City’s requirements and priorities as defined by Mayor and Stakeholders.

We aim to enable cities to:

  • better serve their residents and visitors in day-to-day routines and during situations,
  • improve the quality of life of their citizens,
  • increase citizen engagement,
  • automate business processes,
  • improve efficiencies, and
  • monetize on their Data.

Starting with an integrated strategy we help cities to become smarter in three main aspects: Smart City, Smart Municipality, and Smart Communities.

Solution essential components include:

  • Metadata & IoT Data Analytics Platform
  • Data Lake comprised of Real-time and Big Data structured databases
  • Main Command & Control Operation Interactive Dashboard with advanced management and optimization tools, analytics, anomaly detection, predictions, and reporting

Sample Mix & Match cross-vertical services supported, include:

Efficiency & Cost Savings

  • Smart street lighting 
  • Water leakage detection
  • IoT data share with ERP

Environment and Energy

  • Handle flood / Heat wave
  • Handle air quality event
  • Energy & Power management – street, grid and EV

Citizen Engagement

  • One Citizen App for multiple City services
  • 311 reporting (voice, text & video)
  • Sentiment analysis

Transportation & Mobility

  • Traffic management
  • Public transportation monitoring
  • Parking management (street, lots, special)
  • Shared & micro-mobility (zipcar/bike/ scooter/..)
  • Multimodal trip plan management
  • EV charging stations (location/availability/optimization)
  • Dynamic infrastructure optimization
  • Park & Ride
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Connected Cars
  • AV V2X/X2V

Public Safety

  • Emergency event handling
  • Send alerts & notifications
  • Push evacuation instructions
  • Share data with First Responders and other agencies
  • City Resiliency