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Covid-19 Public Health Crisis Management. Data Collaboration Platform. Holistic Approach. Modular and Robust Implementations at Scale. Tailored Data-driven Smart City and Urban Mobility Solutions utilizing advanced AI/ML in Real-time

Best Practices Software Development & Integration

▹ Ready for deployment ▹ Unlocking the value of Data from unlimited sources via a unified AI platform ▹ Integrating cross-vertical domains, agencies & stakeholders ▹ Empowering unlimited use cases and rapid roll-out of smart services ▹ Utilizing edge-compute for optimal response time ▹

Superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

▹ In/out bound revenue-generating services ▹ Affordable digital transformation costs ▹ Improved efficiencies and effectiveness ▹ Predictive, proactive, ad-hoc and automatic operation, management and optimization tools with builtin AI ▹ Robust Data monetization business models ▹

Enhanced Private Public Partnerships (PPP)

▹ Value Creation Platform ▹ Powering the entire Urban Ecosystem with enriched fused data in real-time ▹ Providing with context aware Intelligent Data & Actionable Insights in Real-time ▹ Real-time AI based decision support system & knowledge management ▹ Fast time to value ▹

Our Story

Our Story

We are passionate about new technologies leading to the greatest impact on humanity. IPgallery is acknowledged for innovative software development and integration expertise, delivering customized real-time AI/ML based solution implemented at scale. We're innovation pioneers that design, architect, develop and deploy Smart City and Urban Mobility solutions that power the entire urban ecosystem and transform the urban landscape for the benefit of the city’s stakeholders, citizens and businesses. Together with global ecosystem partners, our aim is to transform our World into a safer, better, smarter and cleaner place to live, work and play in, one City at a time. IPgallery's Platform, Services and Apps utilize advanced AI/ML, IoT, 5G, Edge Compute, Real-time algorithms and optimization mechanisms, that provide holistic, yet modular, integrative and innovative solutions tailored to address cross-vertical key domains including Public Safety, Transportation, Traffic, Parking, Multimodal Mobility, Environment, Citizen Engagement, Connected Cars in an intelligent urban environment, EV charging stations optimization, AV Shuttles and Fleets, Urban Logistics and more..

Prominent Use Case

Unlocking the Value of Real-time Data and Datasets from Various Data Sources in Medium-to-Large Cities Worldwide

Data Collaboration Platform. Structured Data Lake. Data-driven AI/ML Actionable Insights.