We partner with the Telcos, Cities and OEMs to deliver Urban Mobility Solutions and Apps

IPgallery Urban Mobility group develops and deploys Real time AI/ML analytics and predictions IoT based Smart Mobility in an urban environment applications for Telcos, Cities and Car OEMs.  

The solution is composed of Command & Control Center and Personalized Driver Application.

Benefit for City:

  • Decrease traffic loads and parking gridlock
  • Eliminate accident and casualties (Vision Zero)
  • Decrease Carbon emission and Air pollution
  • Improve traffic congestion and control
  • Escalate the use of public transportation and shared ride

Benefit for Car OEM:

    • Enable the Car OEM to strengthen their brand and generate new revenue sources by becoming an Aftermarket player
    • Utilize mobility data for their autonomous driving initiative
  • Facilitate the shared car initiative

Benefit to the Driver and Passengers:

    • Safer rides
    • Shared rides
    • One App for all mobility options
  • Personalized mobility applications and services