Empowering Safe, Smooth and Clean Mobility

We empower the entire Urban Mobility Ecosystem and partner with the Telcos, Cities, Car OEMs and Tier-1s in order to unlock the value of data and to deliver enhanced all-in-one Urban Mobility user experiences. 

IPgallery Urban Mobility group develops and deploys Smart Mobility solutions for Telcos, Cities and Car OEMs that leverage real-time AI/ML analytics and predictions, IoT, 4G/5G network topology and Edge Compute.

Offered Urban Mobility services includePrivate, EV/AV and Public Transportation, Traffic Management, Parking Management, Pedestrian Safety, Shared Mobility, Multimodal Mobility, Micro-mobility. 

Our Personalized Mobility App – NTT DATA Innovation Contest 9.0 finalist – is a inclusive app for all mobility needs in an urban environment, including Traffic and Route info, Parking availability and predictions, Shared Ride (Cars, Bikes, Scooters etc.), Public Transportation, Park & Ride and additional use cases.

We aim to assist commuters get around cities faster, safer and smarter.

Benefits for City:

  • Decrease traffic loads and parking gridlock
  • Eliminate accident and casualties (Vision Zero)
  • Decrease Carbon emission and Air pollution
  • Improve fleet management and city control
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Escalate the use of public transportation and shared ride

Benefit for Car OEM:

  • Enable the Car OEM to strengthen their brand and generate new revenue sources by becoming an Aftermarket player
  • Utilize mobility data for their autonomous driving initiative
  • Facilitate the shared car initiative

Benefit to Drivers:

  • Safer and smoother rides (enhanced-ADAS)
  • Enabled share ride options
  • One view combining all mobility alternatives, parking and real-time city and transport info
  • Personalized services

Benefit to all Commuters:

  • One view for all multi-modal mobility options
  • Personalized App and services
  • Real-time transit and predicted info